A Way to Learn
Learning Specialists of Fairfield County

Academic Coaching and Tutoring

When a student works individually with a dedicated, energetic, and effective teacher, amazing things can happen. At A Way To Learn, students benefit from individualized instruction delivered by a highly trained and certified teacher who recognizes and respects your child’s learning style, resulting in increased self-confidence, and a boost in both academic and social skills.

Students and parents participate in an interview and assessment process, allowing our team to target specific areas of need and build a program that celebrates your child’s strengths, as we work on the areas that are most difficult for them.

Although we believe there are many things that make our program special and worth celebrating, we are particularly proud of our collaborative efforts with families, schools, psychologists, and any professional that work with your child. By building these bridges of communication, we provide a supportive environment which promotes success both in school and at home.

"The learning specialists at A Way to Learn are highly skilled, dedicated and caring teachers. In the past few months, the teachers have helped my son significantly improve his organizational, math and writing skills. They inspire and encourage him to work hard and do his best at every session. I can't thank them enough!!!"