A Way to Learn
Learning Specialists of Fairfield County

Targeted Skills

A Way to Learn Summer Program: Targeted Skills

Elementary School:
• Participate in active reading, writing, and math activities that will help them retain the curriculum they learned during the previous school year as well as build their skills in anticipation for the next grade level
• Engage in pragmatic play, which will help students develop social and cognitive skills that will enable them to positively participate in structured play time with peers

Middle School:
• Enhance executive function skills, such as time management and organization
• Engage in reading, writing, and math enrichment
• Improve study skills and test-taking strategies

High School:
• Improve study strategies and learn efficient methods to organize and execute challenging assignments
• Learn active reading strategies, such as how to efficiently extract, organize, and summarize information
• Emphasize pre-writing, planning, and organization
• Preview math curriculum for the upcoming year

College readiness:
• Learn how to navigate and utilize textbooks efficiently
• Improve note-taking techniques
• Implement outlining strategies to support students in meeting college-level writing expectations
• Learn study methods that work for each student's learning style
• Using day planners to organize academic tasks and manage social life
• Introduce self-reflection skills to promote independence and self-monitoring

Test Preparation (SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE):
• Students of all ability levels work 1:1 with a highly qualified learning specialist
• Each success oriented program is individualized to meet specific needs of the student
• Students learn effective test taking strategies and time management techniques
• Programs include interactive lectures and collaborative discussions to reinforce key mathematical, critical reading, and writing concepts
• Students take several full length practice tests to monitor their progress, familiarize them with the test format, and help reduce test-day anxiety