A Way to Learn
Learning Specialists of Fairfield County

SAT/ACT Preparation

Standardized test scores can open doors to life's opportunities; however, these tests can be challenging, especially for students with learning disabilities. Inattention, executive dysfunction, and NVLD can all artificially and unfairly deflate these critical test scores. However, everyone deserves a fair chance and a level playing field as they pursue their college dreams.

Program Highlights:

  • Specialized in working with students with ADHD, dyslexia, NVLD, and executive function deficits
  • Students of all ability levels work 1:1 with a highly qualified learning specialist
  • Each success oriented program is individualized to meet specific needs of the student
  • Students learn effective test taking strategies and time-management techniques
  • Programs include interactive lectures and collaborative discussions to reinforce key mathematics, critical reading, and writing concepts
  • Students take several full length practice tests to monitor their progress, familiarize them with the test format, and help reduce test-day anxiety