A Way to Learn
Learning Specialists of Fairfield County

High School

At A Way to Learn, learning specialists work with high school and College students on a individualized basis. Study skill areas that are targeted include note taking, test preparation, and study methods which support the learning style of each student.

Active reading strategies geared toward the older student promote reading fluency and comprehension. Research and essay writing instruction will support both high school and college writing demands. Since long term planning and organization is expected at these levels, our academic coaches work with students to teach them the critical executive skills needed to succeed independently. Because every learner has unique needs at any age, each program is designed to support the needs of the individual student.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Study skills / note-taking strategies
  • Test and quiz study-strategies
  • Active reading strategies / annotating skills
  • Writing process: essays, research papers and compositions. Editing and revising
  • Math concepts for high school students
  • planning, organization and time management
  • Executive function coaching

Individualized Instruction. Goals and Objectives

  • Individualized to meet the needs of each learner and the growing demands of the next academic year
  • Areas of emphasis are student-driven and taught to each student's specific learning needs and high school curriculum
  • Strong focus on metacognition and social thinking