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Dawn Matera, Ed.D. - Founder

Doctor Matera strives to meet the growing need in our community for educational support services that reach a diverse population of learners. She has served the community for over fifteen years in both traditional and non-traditional settings, bringing a special blend of compassion, professionalism, and the ability to program for the most challenging of learners.

Dawn graduated from Sacred Heart University with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, and her Connecticut Elementary Education Certification. She completed her Master's Degree in Special Education with an emphasis on Learning Disabilities at Southern Connecticut State University, and completed her doctoral work at Southern Connecticut State Dissertation, earning a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership.

Natallia Kohut - Executive Director

Natallia is a dedicated, results-driven educational professional experienced in the development of tailored lesson plans and curriculum designed to promote student achievement. She has the ability to improve educational success, assisting students to reach their academic potential and improve skills and confidence in a diverse set of learners from remedial to gifted.

Natallia also has the strong ability to work with students with learning disabilities and designs modified curriculum to meet individual needs. She is fluent in English and Russian. She has worked for Stamford Public Schools, Stratford Public Schools, and the Westport Day School, and has extensive experience tutoring and developing individualized academic plans.