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College Readiness

College can be an overwhelming experience for many students. Suddenly, students are required to apply strong organizational skills, independent study strategies, critical time management planning and a solid foundation of skills to their demanding course load.

This program is available to high school seniors, college students, and adults who would like to hone their skills as they enter or re-enter college.

Active Reading Strategies

  • How to handle large amounts of college reading material
  • How to efficiently extract, organize, and summarize information from a reading
  • Non-fiction textbooks, journal articles, and fictional literature readings will be included

College Writing

  • Producing research papers and essays
  • Editing and revising skills
  • Strong emphasis on the pre-writing planning and organizing phase

Note Taking

  • Strategies for taking notes from a lecture, text books, articles, and literature
  • maintaining neat and organized notes that are easily accessible for exam preparation

Study Skills / Executive Function Coaching

  • Time management strategies
  • Study methods that work for each student's learning style
  • Using day planners to organize academic tasks and manage appointments
  • Introducing self-reflection skills to promote independence and self-monitoring